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June 2013

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Fantasy RPG Class Test Results

Wondering how and why you got a particular result on the Fantasy RPG Class Test? Then you've come to the right place!

Final Classes:
Samurai Master Odin Warrior Rune Knight War Paladin Dark Warlord Star Lancer
Warrior Monk Godhand Spell Hand Shaolin Guru Death Hand Shadow Hand
Battle Warlock Rune Master Prime Wizard Grand Diviner Dark Magus Assassin Mage
Arch Druid Silver Hand Grand Bishop Holy Sage Dark Shaman Sound Weaver
Fenrir Knight Demon Hunter Dragon Master Witch Hunter Abyss Knight Spirit Reaper
Silent Wanderer Night Walker Ninja Master Ninja Sennin Dark Rogue Night Blade

The Test Variables
So how is each class specifically determined by the test? Well, the test scores you on a variety of variables, but right now there are only six main variables that concern us: Strength, Bloodlust, Intelligence, Spirit, Vitality, and Agility.
So how do you gain points in each of the six variables? Below you will find each of the six main variables along with an explanation of how to gain points in that area:


Strength represents your overall physical strength and your honor in battle. To gain points in Strength, you must improve your swordsmanship and preserve your integrity on the battlefield.


Bloodlust represents your thirst for blood, battle and death, your dark magic abilities, and your summoning abilities. To gain points in Bloodlust, you must show a thirst for blood and train yourself in dark magic.


Intelligence represents your offensive magical power and overall skill with elemental magic. To gain points in Intelligence, you must improve your knowledge and skill with offensive elemental magic.
[Elements Chart]
ELEMENTS (Earthly Elements) (Heavenly Elements)
Strength Elements Metal Wood
Vitality Elements Earth Moon
Intelligence Elements Lightning Time
Spirit Elements Water Light
Bloodlust Elements Fire Darkness
Agility Elements Air Sound


Spirit represents your defensive magic power, healing abilities, and light magic power. To gain points in Spirit, you must act peacefully, aid anyone you can, and improve your light magic skills.
[Elements Chart]
(Normal Elements)
(Special Elements)
The Warrior Elements Metal Wood
The Monk Elements Earth Moon
The Magician Elements Lightning Time
The Sage Elements Water Light
The Slayer Elements Fire Darkness
The Thief Elements Air Sound


Vitality represents your physical defensiveness, your overall energy and life force, your desire to protect others, and your martial arts and close combat abilities. To gain points in Vitality, you must harness the energy within your body to improve your transformation skills and combat skills and to defend the weak.
[Monk Transformations]
Transformations MONK
strength (Metal/Wood) Silver Simian
vitality (Earth/Moon) Golden Wolf
intelligence (Lightning/Time) Mystic Qilin
spirit (Water/Light) Dragon Turtle
bloodlust (Fire/Darkness) Dark Ifrit
agility (Air/Sound) Twilight Raven


Agility represents your speed (physical and mental), cunning, dexterity, sneakiness, and stealthiness. To improve your Agility, you must practice being deceitful, learn to conceal yourself in shadow, and improve your overall slyness.

In order to achieve one of the final Stage 3 classes your highest variable must reach at least 40% and your second highest variable must reach at least 25%. For example to achieve the Grand Diviner class, your Intelligence should be at least 40% and your Spirit should be at least 25%.
You can also reach at least 60% in one single variable with all other variables being much lower. For example to achieve the Samurai Master class, your Strength should exceed 60% while all your other stats should probably not exceed around 30%.

That just about covers everything you need to know about the first 36 Normal Classes!

Click below for more info about the Additional Classes:
Special Classes
Mixed Classes

Hero Classes
Demigod Classes

Did you enjoy the beautiful artwork in the test? Click here to find out more about the artists and images!

A VIDEO GAME based on the classes in the test is currently in development. As you play, the game will analyze your personality replicate that personality in a digital character. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER for updates about this game and my other games.

CHECK BACK soon for more updates about the Fantasy RPG Class Test. This post will contain more detailed descriptions in the future!
MORE INFORMATION will be posted soon about the test, so check my journal for new entries!
QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS??? If you have any questions about the test or you would just like to know more about some aspect of it, leave a comment or question! I will reply as soon as possible :)

The Fantasy RPG Class Test --- What powers and abilities lie deep within your soul? Train with a master and embark on a journey to find out!


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Thank you for adding this! If you hadn't I probably would have gone through trying to figure out the point value for each question. Love the quiz, one of the most unique and well written ones I've seen.
I'm happy this was helpful for you and glad you enjoyed the test!! :)


Matt K

Wow! Great post! Can't wait to hear MORE behind the mechanics of this test. I've taken it countless times because this seems to be the only really good sophisticated test out there.


Too bad you stopped updating this. I was looking forward to hearing more. Hope you're okay.
Sorry I haven't been updating! I've been really busy recently, but I'll make sure to get out an update by the end of the month :)


Thank you for not only adding the mixed classes, but I enjoyed the way you have redone this entry. Wonderful quiz.
thank you so much! glad you enjoyed it :)



Shame you haven't updated it recently. Really wanted to know how the Demi-God classes work. Because I want to know how I got the Wizard that can control Aether magic (forgot the name of it.) Thanks!

Re: Demi-God

Hey there! I'm actually working on designing a video game around the classes, so I haven't really had time to put out more information about the classes! Hopefully as I start finishing up the game, I can release more information. December 2015 is the projected release date for the game :)


Best quizz around

Personally, I find most quizz around the internet boring and shallow, but yours is BY FAR the best quizz I've ever seen. Extremely detailed, fun, very precise and with a beautiful desing, I got so impressed with this quizz I really wanted to get deeper into this game, really like the Idea and the concept of the game choosing your class based on your awnsers would be amazing, though it would have to be shorter. Anyway I really hope more updates and I hope the game really comes out. Good Luck and Congratulations!

Re: Best quizz around

Thanks so much!!! :)
The game is not going to have any questions. Instead, it will analyze your personality based on your choices and actions within the game world. So throughout the game, your personality is constantly being evaluated.

Bes Quizz Around

Hey I checked this quizz some months ago and loved it! I heard you were making a game so I came here to check how things were going with it, really hope it does come out!

Re: Bes Quizz Around

I'm just starting to code the game, so it's still in the early stages of development. I'm also working on building a team to help me with the game!
It could be about three years before the game launches, but it's going to have a lot of really cool features. Hopefully it will be awesome!

Great quiz, but..

The quiz was interesting and great. With cool BGM and scenarios. The only downside for me was that I mostly picked light, dark, and time based answers, and only one sound based answer, but I got the Sound Weaver.

Re: Great quiz, but..

Hey thanks!!
I think what probably happened is that your dark answers overwhelmed your time answers. A lot of the dark answers you chose must have given you high amounts of Agility. Spirit was of course your most dominant variable, so the combination of SPIRITagility gives you the Sound Weaver. The dominant class of the Sound Weaver is SAGE while it's subclass is thief.
You were actually very close to getting the Grand Bishop, master of time. For the Grand Bishop, the dominant variable is also SPIRIT (which again corresponds to the SAGE class) but the second highest variable is Intelligence (which corresponds to the Magician class). So the Grand Bishop is a SAGEmagician.
Hopefully that gives you more insight into why the test generated your particular result. The test is of course not perfect, and I am always working hard to make things as accurate as possible :)


Creator class

Is it even possible to acquire the "Creator" class or is that specific to you, the quiz creator?

Re: Creator class

Hey good question!

I originally intended people to have to "cheat" to get the Creator. But this didn't work out exactly as I hoped :( You sort of had to figure out how to manipulate the stats in your result. You can still sort of do it this way, but again it's not exactly the way I wanted it.

So I also made a real way to get it. It requires a very specific set of answers. But even I don't know off the top of my head what those answers are haha!


Offensive elemental magic increases intelligence?

Would not a smarter person often find ways to avoid having to use such magic?

Re: Offensive elemental magic increases intelligence?

That's an interesting point. But I think I mean something a little different when I talk about intelligence in the Fantasy RPG Class Test.

When I say intelligence, I am talking about your ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skill. For the Fanasy RPG Class Text, only the most intelligent people can use offensive elemental magic because using elemental magic requires years of study. Mastering it requires one to understand how to use extremely complicated spells. So the Magician classes who use powerful elemental magic most exemplify intelligence in the world of the Fantasy RPG Class Test. In another world, this might not be the case, and intelligence could represent something different.

Agility is the other type of "smartness" in the Fantasy RPG Class Test. Mentally it represents how clever, sly, and creative you are. Physically it represents how fast and agile you are. In other words, it represents both your mental and physical speed. The Thief classes who use magic in creative and sneaky ways most exemplify agility in the world of the Fantasy RPG Class Test. And I think that this may also fit what you are thinking of in terms of "smartness".

Two interesting classes are the Ninja Master and the Assassin Mage. These classes both have high levels of both Intelligence and Agility, allowing them to use incredibly powerful offensive elemental magic in creative and sneaky ways.

Hopefully this helps clarify things!


Didn't the table at the top used to tell you what variables got you what classes? The links in it aren't working either.
Thanks for pointing out the broken links! I will fix those soon.

Yeah, the table used to have more information. But because I'm working on a game based on the class system in the test, I wanted to limit the amount of information in this entry.



Hi! First off, great test! I've taken it many times! Through experimenting with it, I've discovered that the variable that determines Hero vs Dragonheart vs Demonheart is Hidden Power, but I haven't been able to get Paragon by changing it. Is Paragon dependant on another variable, or am I doing something wrong?

Re: Paragon

Hey thanks!
I'm impressed you figured that out! Yeah the Paragon is dependent on other variables. If I remember correctly, all of your normal stats - strength, vitality, intelligence, spirit, bloodlust, and agility - need to be about even with each other (same as the hero), and all your special stats - angelic luminosity, explosive energy, chaotic stability, etc - need to also be relatively high but not too high. Try aiming for higher than 15% and less than 71%. Also I think you may need to choose the correct power from the genie. It's probably going to be the same choice that got you the Dragonheart.
Hope that helps!

Seiken Densetsu 3 fan much?

I noticed this quiz was quite old when I ran into it - but then I saw comments that were fairly recent. Logged into Livejournal for the first time in years just to say hay! Hope your game design plan is running smoothly, in my experience getting a team together to help is harder than it sounds!

Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 fan much?

Haha yeah, big fan of Seiken Densetsu 3!! I really, really love the class system in that game, but the whole system felt a bit incomplete in a lot of ways. So with my game I'm trying to create a more complete and intricate class system.

Yeah, it's definitely going to be hard to get a team together. But I'm off to grad school for video game design this coming fall, so I'm hoping that I'll meet some awesome people there who'd be willing to help!


Awesome Quiz

It's the best quiz I''ve came across. I can see the effort and time put in to formulate the results, storyline, characters and everything! It's just so cool and I am really fascinated by your quiz and it's results. Really looking forward to your game and if you ever need someone to try out for you, I will be more than willing to do so :)

Re: Awesome Quiz

Thanks! Glad you liked the test! I'll probably post some sort of a notice when I start looking for playtesters! :)


How does it work?

Look I'm making an RPG with my friends for a school project and I would like to know: what awnsers give points in what cuz I want to make my RPG around your quiz. Also..... I love your quiz!

Re: How does it work?

Thanks! I'm glad you like the quiz!

I'm currently working on a game based on the quiz, so I can't release too much information about the quiz. But I hope your school project goes well!


Rune Wraith

I completed this quiz more times than I've completed some of my favorite games. Yet, I keep trying to get the Rune Wraith and I can't. Any advice on how to get it?

Re: Rune Wraith

I think you need to choose omniscience from the genie. Then you also need Intelligence and Bloodlust to be high. So choose lots of answers with elemental and dark magic. But you also want Strength and Vitality to be as low as possible. That should do it! You might also need high Spirit as well.


Rising Phoenix

Hey, first let me tell you how much I love this quiz. All of the potential options keep being me back to see what I get this week. One question answered differently can change your class entirely. Great work on this! Now on to my question. I have gotten many different classes, but I haven't been able to get the one I really think is cool: the rising Phoenix. I'm guessing you need to pick immortality with the genie, but what stats do you need? I've tried spreading my answers out for various stats, but I'm usually a little heavier on 3 or 4 of the stats and 1 or 2 fall a little short. Any guidance you can give me would be awesome. I really want to crack the code on this one lol.

RE: Rising Phoenix

Hey glad you like the quiz!

I cant remember how to get that class. I think that all your stats need to be almost equal, but they dont need to be exactly equal. And yeah you need to choose immortality from the genie. After that, i cant remember. That one's pretty complicated haha


Abyss Knight Magic.

I just looked at the Abyss Knight result and saw it brought up magic called annihilation magic. Can explain what that kind of magic is like to warrant its own grouping?

Re: Abyss Knight Magic.

Out of all the non-godike classes, the Abyss Knight has the greatest bloodlust and therefore the most skill with dark magic. Annihilation magic is the epitome of dark magic. It is absolutely and purely destructive. It is dark as the abyss. That is why it was specifically mentioned in the description.


Variety of Classes

Hello, dear Justin!
I just recently finished your RPG Class Test available in HelloQuizzy. I got totally crazy over it. I had it done countless times, but never forgotten about my beliefs, so never acquired a melee class. The point is, I was constant in two first Training pages so I wondered if it had any power on my results. I said it, because most of the time I got the Mad Jester. I was mixing *magical* intelligence, bloodlust coming from *summon* and *sneakiness* from, well, sneaking and being suspicious about world. Over a few times I got classes like *The Assassin Mage* *The Grand Bishop* *The Dark Shaman* *The Dragon Master* *The Star Glider*. I can't understand Bishop or Dragon, the rest somewhat lies within spectrum of my *ultimate goal*. I finished just a second ago the last time. And I discovered somewhat good judgement of my choice, but it closed permanently in the last page. The unique kind of my choices led me to greater understanding of what I want to be, what I believe and what I trusted. What I mean that considering three questions choices can cause the different outcomes, but all are closed in my own personal variety of reasons and beliefs. The chaos moulding, seals and alchemical pentagrams, and revival of the dead that follows commanding over the Dead. Simple change of killing spiders in a void of darkness over burrying them in quicksand and choice between the altering laws of the Universe or summoning the Spirits of Dead, granted me three unique classes,, which as I probably said, suites me and my ideology of dealing with things. They are *The Dark Shaman* *The Grand Bishop* *The Necromancer*. I mentioned Bishop earlier, but before it was about magic and bloodlust stuff, this time I focused on summoning, healing, sneaking and illusionism. As a result I have these three classes which suits me better than the Mad Jester, although I have a little problem with getting rid of solid, true elementary magic. Thus I became the Necromantic Grand Shaman who wields a little close to none standard element magic, but excel in Light, Dark and summoning. I also can have some of my beloved sneakiness through the illusionism and darkness! Great! Thanks Justin! I loved your test! I hope that it will help you stay motivated in anything you're working on! Thanks again! Bye!

Re: Variety of Classes

Thanks for all your thoughts and feedback! Glad you enjoyed the test!!!


The Result

Is there any other possibilities for a result? I thought the best solution is to get an answer from the Creator. Although the Creator seems to be the Master Magician:-D



I've been trying for the Master Magician, but i just can't find the right key points to go for. Any advice?
I think you need high intelligence, spirit, and bloodlust. Basically, you want to choose a wide variety of magic options. You also want to choose None from the Genie, and I think you should choose the Orange Flame from the Elemental.


I have one question... why is the test gone? Did you decide to end it or something?
Looks like the HelloQuizzy site was taken down :( So the quiz is gone. I may try posting another version of it at a later date.


I simply love your quiz,please make it available as soon as you could
And tnx for your awesome quiz
Its the best class test out there



Hey man
Hope you are fine
Just wanted to say...PLS REPOST YOUR QUIZ T_T

Re: T_T

HelloQuizzy removed all the quizzes from their site, so I'll probably have to remake the entire quiz from scratch. I'm hoping to make it even better than before! I put hours of work into it, so I was disappointed that it was taken down as well, but hopefully I'll be able to make something even better!


Love your quiz!

Hey man, I used to take this quiz with a friend of mine in high school, I was disheartened when helloquizzy took it down

I saw that you're thinking about making a new one and I immediately text my highschool buddy that you might ^^ we know there's no guarantee that you'll make it of course but I hope you do! If you ever do please let me know I'll be sure to take it!

RE: Love your quiz!

Hi!! I'm glad you enjoyed the test while it was around!

Yep, I'm still working on a new version, but I don't know when I'll be finished. I'll make a post letting you know when it's finished!! :)
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